Bringing New Meaning to the Term “Coffee Date”

WebMD: “Her study shows that the caffeinated females didn’t just skitter around their cages aimlessly. Instead, they specifically sought a male sex partner and weren’t particularly interested in socializing with another female rat. The caffeinated females seemed motivated to seek sex, not to burn extra energy from the caffeine, the researchers write.”

Granted, we’re talking rats here. But the connection is certainly worth exploring in humans. (via Quiddity)


  1. Oh dear, I have recently been aware that my coffee intake has direly escalated (hmm… wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that it’s after 4am & I’m reading blogs instead of sleeping?…), now another reason to get it in check so that I don’t become a complete lunatic!

  2. Interesting. From now on, near the end of a first-date dinner, all of you single guys will undoubtedly respond to the waitress saying “Would the two of you care for some coffee?” by replying, “Yes, for the love of god, YES!!!”

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