Brooklyn Book Fest — Superficial Notes

  • Jonathan Safran Foer ran away from me.
  • Richard Nash hid from everybody because he is a Steelers fan. (Who knew?)
  • Jonathan Lethem wore a crazy T-shirt. So did I. He was good enough not to run away from me.
  • Dennis Loy Johnson resembled a badass from a Sam Peckinpah film. He could not run away, because he was running the Melville House booth.
  • George Saunders is a very kind man.
  • Gavin Grant is also a very kind man.
  • We gave Francine Prose directions. She ran away, but she was polite about it.
  • Tao Lin is still a very shy young man.
  • Paul Slovak ran away from me, but only because our group was accosted by a rather idiosyncratic self-published individual.
  • I learned from Molly at Coffee House Press that not even Minneapolis is immune from the Apple Store.
  • I am offering these superficial notes, because I was in no condition to report on the event. There is yet another deadline. But it was a pleasant diversion. And if you ran into me and did not run away, apologies for my momentary discombobulated mind.
  • It is officially autumn in New York.


  1. OK so, for the record, I was at the booth from 9:30am to noon; at the Lynne Tillman/Saunders/Ferris reading noon to 1pm; visiting various folks at other booths 1 – 145pm pm, hoofed it down to Angry Wade for the second quarter, Lynne Tillman came by to watch for 45 minutes, then Laura Robinson, one of PGW’s great sales folks, came by after that, then I went back to the fair, from 4:30-6, then went to a dinner of international editor types, and was out the door at 7:30am the following morning to go to Berkeley.

    I also have a Steelers watch, and they thumped the Bills.

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