Can I Be Laureate Now?

The blog 3x3x3 sets the following criteria:

Pick 3 stories from Google News. Using only words that occur in the first few paragraphs of each story, make a poem with 3 stanzas, 3 lines each, no more than 60 characters per line. The 3-word title should use a word from each story. Be sure to include links to your 3 stories after the poem.

Okay, I’m game.

Prohibiting Crocodile Sex

Freshening up, young man snacking on a crocodile penis, protracted
Spiders and locusts, belching
Bite on his ear

Influence the first brasserie, artery-clogging
Unanimously approved the ban
An additional 12 months because it may take more time

Any sex between is a felony
Consensual? The first time with two, prosecuted under the law
Preferential treatment? Indicted


Guardian: Where to next after a light snack of crocodile penis?
USA Today: New York becomes first city to ban trans fats.
Boston Herald: Correction officers indicted on charges they had sex with inmates.

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