Hemon Revisited

In arrears with hot potatoes, we had a number of things to say about last year’s Aleksandar Hemon/Operation Homecoming contretemps that had begun at Lizzie’s and GalleyCat’s. But our damn browser crashed and a 1,000 word post was lost into the ether. We’ll only say that, having finally gotten around to reading Hemon, The Question of Bruno is a fantastic achievement and that the NEA’s history of censorship pressured by reactionary forces does back up Hemon’s claims to some extent, even if it fails to account for the strange machinations of government in general. Our basic point was this: The difference between Crouch and Hemon is that the former is a pugilist looking for a fight, while the latter remains an idealist pining for a certain faith in honest government. Is this such a bad thing to argue for in these corrupt times?

Back to the salt mines, where trout are being fished out of agua with stunning alacrity.