Check Your Ego Much? (Part Two)

Laura Zigman: “Then, as Laura’s Animal Husbandry disappeared, replaced by lots and lots of other more chick-litty books, Laura was only occasionally included in the chick-lit round ups. Laura never knew how to feel about this — that is, part of her was hurt that she wasn’t included when other lists of chick lit writers were named since she felt she was kind of at the forefront of the genre and felt left out. But another part of her was relieved that she wasn’t included because most of the articles about chick lit were very negative, so maybe the fact that she wasn’t mentioned was a good thing.”

Ed never refers to himself in the third person and certainly doesn’t whine when he’s forgotten. You see, this is not the reason why Ed writes.


  1. I have never read Laura, but like a good little blogette, jumped over to her blog just now. And came leaping back here like somebody who’d just touched a hot stove.

    Good grief. It is ALL in third person.

    Back to the chick-lit-less, first-person trenches.

    BTW–yes, the lemonade stands. But also all that public transit. Blame it all on BART.


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