1. That’s funny, because as much as I found the book marvelously devastating, when he mentioned the little band with the collared pregnant women and the catamites, I thought “Wow, camp it up buddy.” Nothing’s more camp than catamites.

  2. I found it more theatrical than campy, like the film version of Titus Andronicus, Titus, with Anthony Hopkins. The sentences were amputated. All of it was weird, and closely cropped, like a bad Cesar haircut. I projected the catamites and the roasted baby onto the pages of a quality sci-fi comic book. Yes, they may have been outlined in dark black. But they were also sufficiently staged, set into the story in such a way that they didn’t make me cringe. I don’t usually read post-apocalyptic road stories, or science fiction (although The Road is considered literature), but when I do, I’m often surprised by how much I enjoy them, and that I don’t mind when genre and lit mix.

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