Christopher Hitchens — Cocksucking Conspiracy Theorist?

Vanity Fair: “Stay with me. I’ve been doing the hard thinking for you. The three-letter “job,” with its can-do implications, also makes the term especially American. Perhaps forgotten as the London of Jack the Ripper receded into the past, the idea of an oral swiftie was re-exported to Europe and far beyond by a massive arrival of American soldiers. For these hearty guys, as many a French and English and German and Italian madam has testified, the blowjob was the beau ideal. It was a good and simple idea in itself. It was valued—not always correctly—as an insurance against the pox. And—this is my speculation—it put the occupied and the allied populations in their place.”

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  1. The bizarre attempts to claim national and cultural distinctiveness for the practice remind me of the time Skip Gates accused Gayl Jones of having “introduced fellatio . . . to African American fiction.”

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