Cinematic Dreck

Wikipedia’s Worst Films Ever. (via Papa Rory)

Films I’d include: Monsignor (which I caught on a plane last year and which absolutely baffled me in its badness), Urban Legend (the only film that I have walked out on in fury, not owing to audience conditions, during the past ten years), Buz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (the worst Shakespearean adaptation ever made), Hook (the most sentimental of all Spielberg movies), Toys, The Story of Us, Eye of the Beholder (the incomprehensible 1999 Ashley Judd film), and anything from Uwe Boll.


  1. I’m so pleased to see you included Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ on your list. I’ve always despised that film and often get in raging arguments with my friends who all seem to love it for one reason or another. To me, it’s a model of what thoughtless experimentation can do to wreck Shakespeare. And I’m not some reactionary conservative–I thought ‘Titus’ was an excellent film–but Luhrmann’s is just a train wreck: noisy, pointless and all over the place. Even actors I love, like Pete Postlethwaite, seem to be just running around aimlessly shouting. (I would also add ‘Moulin Rouge’ to the list for the horrifying ‘Roxanne’ lip-synch alone, even though I quite liked ‘Strictly Ballroom’–I’m not just a Baz hater.)

  2. Monsignor? Frank Perry’s 25-year-old movie? What kinda plane was this, kid, Air Paraguay? (And if we’re talkin’ bad movies – you ain’t seen bad till you’ve seen The Oscar, gang. Just ask Sinatra.)

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