Come for the Streep, Stay for the Kline?

New Yorker: “While it is no shock that Streep and Wolfe are faithful to Brecht’s theatrical philosophy, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see Kevin Kline invest himself to a similar degree. Kline—who was the terrifying Nathan in ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ and Trigorin to Streep’s Arkadina in Mike Nichols’s 2001 production of ‘The Seagull’—is, quite possibly, the best partner Streep has had onstage or onscreen.”

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  1. I love Kevin Kline. He is SO natural in any role – because he is the person he portrays.
    It must be difficult for him to return to himself. I really would like to discuss his thoughts here. BUT I will never have the opportunity to meet him, unless a miracle happens –
    Kevin, how do you do it? It is like a magic thing!
    You are simply “a one-off”
    Norma Flint

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