Couldn’t He Have Been Aroused by Orange Juice Instead?

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “A 33-year-old Grafton woman was fighting for her life Thursday night after she drank concentrated drain cleaner given to her by a man who then videotaped her violent vomiting for his sexual gratification, Milwaukee police said.”


  1. I did a search for blogs with the keyword poetry and I found this!
    You topped my almost sickest thing ever meter.
    Thanks for the gross out.

  2. Christine,

    You don’t understand. This is Milwaukee, my home town but home also to Jeffrey Daumer and Ed Gein. People do such things there and since the Journal-Sentinel is the paper of record, they’re obliged to print the news, though Ed isn’t. What I wonder is why she drank the Draino, or whatever it was. The most interesting things are always left out of the story in newspapers.

  3. David: You’ve pinpointed precisely what made me curious (and highly disturbed) by this story. This is not just a case of a strange (and deadly) sort of sexual fetish and sadism, but a woman who willingly put Liquid Plummer down her throat. She did ask this man if it would hurt her, perhaps then expressnig some doubts. Bbut I’m wondering just how much she was in need of the $20 the guy paid her to do it.

  4. That is a truly remarkable and disturbing story, though the J-S didn’t go into detail about paymenbt, etc. I’m not sure you can ever understand that kind of sexual fetish, why someone else’s agony is arousing, but there’s no question it’s out there. And in a kind of grim consumerist response, I noticed the J-S says the woman just made things worse by vomiting, as if she could help it. They then tell others what to do if they should swallow drain cleaner. Weird.

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