Credibility Gap

New York Times: “The panel dismissed the idea, notably advanced last year by Lawrence H. Summers, then the president of Harvard, that the relative dearth of women in the upper ranks of science might be the result of ‘innate’ intellectual deficiencies, particularly in mathematics. If there are cognitive differences, the report says, they are small and irrelevant. In any event, the much-studied gender gap in math performance has all but disappeared as more girls enroll in demanding classes. Even among very high achievers, the gap is narrowing, the panelists said.”


  1. Sorry for the comment irrelevant to this entry, but I wanted to be assured you’d see this, first thing. I just got done reading a Time artical by Lev Grossman, and it’s all about you. The entire back page. I feel like the boundries between blogging and “reporting” have been blurred once more, filling me with a small sense of pride.

    Keep up the good work.

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