1. Does CBS even think that maybe its not all Couric but rather we are sick of CBS’s continuous “agenda” on its news reporting, content, and subjects. This is right up there with the tradition of Dan Rather and Pres. Bush’s military career. CBS should report the news rather than try to make it.

  2. What would you expect of CBS ? THey don’t have the backbone to be honest with the public. Maybe you should get Jackson and Sharpton to tell you how to run CBS. Where is your apology for Couric’s plaigiarism? Your news with Couric stinks and the rest of CBS is no better. I refuse to watch your low class 5th rate network.

  3. If you are making 15 million dollars a year for reporting news then I find it hard to believe that she is not involved in researching what is going to come out of her mouth. It is to easy to fire the other guy or girl and say it was them who made the mistake. But if it comes out right then you take credit for it. If you are making that kind of money get more involved.

  4. Shame on Katie Couric,shame on CBS. The producer gets fired for Katies’ heartwarming “I remember my first library card”story that the viewers believed to be in Katies own words.
    Katie is not stupid, she knew exactly what was going on and the probably overworked,
    underpaid producer takes the bullet and Katie skates. Take responsibility for your work
    as well as the blame when you screw up. Katie is a second class journalist on a third rate

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