Cronenberg Has Seen “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” One Too Many Times

Contact Music: “Eccentric film-maker DAVID CRONENBERG shocked his cast and crew on the set of new movie A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, by publicly performing sex scenes with his wife. The director hoped his explicit displays of affection with his wife would help stars VIGGO MORTENSEN and MARIA BELLO, who play man and wife in the film, feel more comfortable during their sex scenes together. But, instead, the Cronenbergs just left everyone on the set stunned.” (via Jeff)


  1. I’m sorry, but I like what he and his wife supposedly did! IMO, real fucking’s usually preferable to simulated fucking; it’s especially preferable to phony-Hollywood simulated fucking.

    I think Cronenberg’s a great filmmaker. So far, I like nearly every movie I’ve seen that he wrote and/or directed. Dead Ringers in particular is an amazing movie. eXistenZ, The Fly, The Dead Zone–what’s not to like??? They’re all excellent films, IMO. And maybe Cronenberg’s willingness to let his pants down in public is partly responsible for his being a great artist.

  2. Actually, Fran, I’m sort of in Cronenberg’s corner myself. Just as he is perhaps far too original and audacious a filmmaker for today’s relatively unenlightened times, I suspect that his working methods might be similarly ahead of the curve.

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