Daily Roundup

  • Finally, an award not won by Andrea Levy. Katharine Davies, first-time novelist and ex-teacher, has won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award for A Good Voyage, a title which suggests little in the way of surprises, too much in the way of pleasantries, and that has nothing to do with Virginia Woolf’s first novel.
  • While the United States is busy with red-blue and purple maps, the UK is more concerned with such valuable information as the most expensive streets and towns in England and Wales. The winner is London’s Earls Terrace, located in Chelsea with an average price of 4.2 million pounds.
  • The LBC nabs more momentum through the Associated Press.
  • Poet Julia Darling has died of cancer.
  • David Kipen takes on Ishiguro.
  • Unintentionally sexual comic book covers.