1. Who really wants to see a version of Casualties of War transposed to Iraq? I know I don’t. In fact, who really wants to see another DePalma film? Did you endure The Black Dahlia?

  2. DePalma sounded like a spoiled brat-“it has to be my way or no way at all!” Calling the situation a “specious” legal probelm makes him appear even more arrogant. If that photo montage is of folks currently serving in our military,then the studio is correct in making sure that they have clearance from the soldiers and/or their families. To whine about “oh,how can you find these people”-come on,Brian,stop acting like this is your first time at the rodeo. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s-playing the film rebel card is weak here,seriously.

  3. fair use! lame cover — me thinks there’s a difference between making a mix tape for your buddy vs. using somebody else’s pictures in an (i assume) commercial movie.
    but now that de palma is taking it to the streets excuse me as I go bit torrent Scarface.

    (though i do like the claim that “these pictures exist on the internet”)

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