Deborah Solomon Interviews Deborah Solomon

solomon.jpgYou’re a moribund NYT journalist who can’t even treat Pulitzer Prize winners with anything close to respect. Do you smile much?

Only if you tell me how brilliant I am at making your life a living hell in fifty words or less.

That seems to me a silly way of making a living.

So long as the expense request forms keep clearing for my Prada purchases, I can’t complain.

That strikes me as unethical. Do your columns really matter?

Keller keeps me chained to this gig. I’ve tried pitching him on more feature stories, but he wants me to stay a jaded bitch. Plus, circulation says my shit goes down well right before that Ethicist guy.

Shouldn’t you be celebrating your interview subject’s achievements?

This isn’t People Magazine. This is the New York Times. It’s high-profile journalism for short attention spans.

Yes, but when your interviews can be read over a few sips of coffee, how can people enjoy the paper?

They read me again. And again. They see the photo against the white backdrop and they get the illusion of pith.

That sounds more like the Post.

Get with the program, kiddo. Tanenhaus has dumbed down the Book Review. Why stop with that section?


  1. does anyone have the deborah solomon interview
    with Arthur Miller? nytimes 9-19-O4
    please Email it.

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