Deborah Solomon, Racist

That inarticulate imbecile is at it again. Deborah Solomon apparently didn’t get the news that graphic novels have been around for some time — possibly, since the 1920s — and is racist enough to assume that Marjane Satrapi, by way of having brown skin and writing about fundamentalism, must be a Muslim. I guess all that supposed research that Solomon puts into these “questions” doesn’t involve basic fact checking.


  1. I thought she came off only slightly less inane than Solomon. It’s a toss-up between equating the Western beauty myth with Iranian subjugation of women (especially when there are so many instances of honest-to-God misogyny in Western culture she might have chosen from) and that oh-so-tired lament for the demise of that last hallmark of freedom, the cancer stick.

  2. I always think Solomon’s columns are more about Deborah Solomon than about the interviewee. Of course, we can’t be sure that Solomon asked Satrapi any of those questions — or that Satrapi gave those answers.

  3. Solomon; presumptive, lazy journalism, combative (love the ‘I disagree’ bit, so, I-Know-it-all);

    Abigail– why is it that you take such a harsh line on smoking–what’s happening around this country is Moral Legislation; it’s just that smoking is the 1st easy target– What’s next? And, if smoking is such a problem, why not just ban it outright? and what about Alcohol? I’m a drinker, not a smoker, but it’s a slippery slope to take the high ground on that argument.

    Satrapi probably did the interview via email (easiest method I’m assuming) and probably realized who Solomon was, and how much she knew about comics, and decided to mess with her head. Ultimately it’s not an pre-interview for the Nobel, or more importantly, the Eisner…

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