Deborah Solomon: Under Pressure

Is Deborah Solomon trying to confess to us that she’s a closet meth addict? From today’s interview with Christine Gregoire:

As a veteran politician who has served as state attorney general for more than a decade, did you find it difficult to sit out the seven weeks during which the voting machines pegged you a loser?

It was very, very difficult.

Did you take up smoking?

Me, take up smoking? No. It’s not an option. I was the lead negotiator in the tobacco-company settlement that brought in $242 billion, the largest settlement in the history of the world.

Did you turn to sleeping pills?

I finally resorted to once in a while taking some Sominex. But at the end, the Sominex didn’t work.

So what did you do to ease your anxiety in the wee hours of the night?

I did all of my shopping for Christmas online at very odd hours.

Yes, heaven forbid that things like non-drug related activities like sex, exercise or shopping can be used to relieve considerable tension. Particularly since almost every gubernatorial candidate is, in the Deborah Solomon universe, a pill-popping, chain-smoking freakazoid ready to walk the plank right before through a career-making four-year term. That’s the way politics works. Right, kids?


  1. Oh, I dunno–I’m as ready to dogpile on Deborah Solomon as the next guy, but I think the “didja take up smoking?” bit was probably just a flat-falling attempt at leading the witness, as it were, into discussing her role in the settlement.

  2. I’m no journalist, but I’m pretty sure that the follow-up to the smoking question should have been, “Are you a fucking drunk now, or what?”

  3. Deborah Solomon has singlehandedly legitimized the Stuttering John interview technique. How long before she asks Carlos Beltran if he ever farts in the catcher’s face? We are all in her debt.

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