Delay in Affairs

Due to a tremendous setback — namely, a 500 GB Barracuda hard drive, which looks to be stuck in the BSY state, containing all the raw Bat Segundo data and only intermittently detected by my BIOS and that I can’t seem to access for more than ten seconds (thus being unable to copy) — a drive that contains irreplaceable data, along with a number of interviews I haven’t posted — this site is going dark for a while while I attend to finishing up professional duties (yes, the show must go on), make desperate attempts to retrieve the data, and expend a good deal of needless venom to the vile cretins at Seagate, who will pay very dearly for their failure to manufacture an acceptable product.

What this means is that the Bat Segundo episode I had planned to put up this Friday, along with a few other video interviews I conducted at BEA, won’t see the light of the day. You can thank Seagate for this. Seagate — the hard drive manufacturer that can’t even produce firmware that solves the problem. The bumbling interloper that, with casual incompetence, now threatens to permanently destroy the origins of five good years of work and that does not appear to take responsibility for its great sins.

To say that I am pissed off about all this is a severe understatement. But I remain determined to fix this — even if I have to get all geeky. Hope to see you on the other side with data intact.

[5/29 UPDATE: The main Seagate drive has been sent away. But because I mirrored some of the drive, I have managed to recover all the production data from Shows 101 onward, along with about half of the Bat Segundo raw data. Will have news sometime next week on the three interviews and the remaining info.]


  1. Geek it up something crazy. And when you’ve solved the problem, tell me how you did it – my disk died two days ago. The worst part is, I can’t even remember what was on it, only that it was quite important.

  2. All the best with your data recovery! The procedure to which you linked seems very convoluted. Take your time with it and be delicate. It might also be worth trying the PCB from a drive of the same make and model on the broken one.

    I Googled your error and this Youtube video popped up. Perhaps you’ve seen it?

    I just bought a Seagate myself, here’s hoping it doesn’t go tits up.

  3. Thank you so much for your BEA coverage. Re your hard drive: Please consider a commercial data recovery service. I know, I know — it costs, but it will save your irreplaceable work and your sanity.

  4. Ed,

    Time to get a Drobo enclosure. It’s kind of a proprietary RAID enclosure that you can add/remove drives. I use one for all my video editing. More info can be found at:

    Highly recommended. I have one at work as well and it has saved my bacon a number of times!


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