Dennis Moore, Stupid Blogger, Stupid Bitch?

It’s official: most popular bloggers are thieves. It ain’t just link poaching either. (And because I try not to be a thief, via MeFi.)

Also, who knew? (via Wonkette)

One more thing: Am I the only one who thinks that John Garfield was the Keanu of his time? Garfield has exactly two expressions he resorts to: looking up and looking down. This limited yet distracting dichotomy has worked against my total enjoyment of such films as The Postman Always Rings Twice and Body and Soul (and it’s particularly shameful in the latter case). When Garfield offers the rare expression working against the two looks, it comes across as a pretty boy using all six brain cells in his arsenal to come up with something tantamount to the worst community theatre histrionics. Garfield often looks pained when he attempts this, as if he’s suffering from hemorrhoids. And his posturing is egregious when he’s trying to come off as a tough guy.

I could be totally wrong on this, but frankly I just don’t understand why John Garfield should be regarded. Give me the underrated Steve Cochran or even straight-shooter Robert Cummings any day.

Okay, now I’m really outta here.