Desperate Lede of the Week

St. Petersburg Time: “Richard Dinon saw the laptop’s muted glow through the rear window of the SUV parked outside his home. He walked closer and noticed a man inside.”

First off, if you can’t secure your own damn wireless network, you have no business bitching about people siphoning off your line. You ain’t a victim. You’re uninformed. Shut up and learn the basics, bitch.

Second, the menacing glow of a laptop makes for unintentionally hilarious “crime” reporting. Someone scare the bejesus out of St. Petersburg Times reporter Alex Leary so that he can write us a truly paranoid masterpiece.

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  1. Googling “securing wireless network” showed a number of different ways to do just that. May be a little difficult, but some of it was just enabling passwords.

  2. There is nothing to securing your WiFi, if you are so inclined
    1) open your router’s control panel in a web browser,by simply typing the
    2) look for the security or network configuration tab or whatever yours has
    3) choose the secure mode and type in a password
    4) save your changes
    That’s it!
    Granted, this will just give you crappy WEP security – but it’s enough to stop the casual user who is not intentionally trying to hack in. If you want more, just restrict your network to the MAC addresses of your cards, restrict to only one standard (e.g., 802.11g)
    Quite a witch hunt they have down in Florida, charging this guy with a felony?
    “Oh – the wizard does something we do not understand. He must be a witch. Burn the witch!”
    300 years on and this country hasn’t changed much.

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