Didn’t You Know, Deborah, That Your Type is a Dime a Dozen?

Finally, someone ripostes:

What field do you think is a good one for young women now?

The field of celebrity journalism.

Oh, no. I hope that is not an expanding field.

Yes, it is. That’s why I suggested it. We’re all competing to find writers and editors who can do it. The circulation of the Star is 1.5 million every week, and then it’s 9.5 million readers, because it has a lot of pass-along readers

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  1. Yeah, but I liked Deborah’s response to this:

    You don’t have to have clean floors. Your drawers don’t have to perfect, and dishes can pile up in the sink. That’s part of my philosophy.

    What philosophy is this? The philosophy of Dishevelism?

  2. What philosophy is this? The philosophy of Dishevelism?

    Yeah, it’s always funny to take a woman down a notch by making fun of her housecleaning.

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