1. Hello, Lionel…if your artwork is not found acceptable…you are more than welcome to contact me….I have dabbled in digital art, and still do…sometimes it can be quite fascinating, but it never quenches that deep down burning desire that I have to draw and paint my own art….and it never will….I love challenges, too…I think they help to nurture our imaginations…and push us in areas that other-wise we might not have gone on our own, which can be very rewarding….as I said..if you aren’t too thoroghly dis-gusted with trying to find originality, I would be more than happy to try to accomidate you….on this project or any future ones….Respectfully, Mary Sylvia Hines

  2. ( I know that Lionel may never read this blog, but at least the world will know that there is at least one Artist that is keeping the ‘old master’s art of painting and drawing originals by hand ‘ alive…… ………Mary Sylvia Hines )

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