Drudge on Deck for Old Sparky

Does Matt Drudge seriously believe that an unconfirmed rumor is going to stop Kerry? Because if he does, and groundless character flaws are the best he can muster against Bush’s National Guard AWOL, his failure to offer an Iraq-WMD link, and the skyrocketing deficit (to name just a handful), then his finger ain’t even close to the American pulse.

Let’s say the allegations are true (and, so far, the burden of proof is shaky). Does anyone really want to go back into Monicagate territory? No. Been there, done that. Trivial, really, in a post-9/11 world and a shaky economy. And there’s no simply way that Bush will be able to escape deficit/lack of Iraq-WMD link questions, even if Kerry slept with an intern. The media, even with its shaky ethical plinth, wouldn’t let that double standard happen. Call it the fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me syndrome.

If it turns out to be true, then this may be the piece of news that destroys Drudge’s career, much as Harry Knowles’ credibility was eviscerated when he “predicted” the Oscars. It’s a shame. Because there are Internet columnists and bloggers out there of all stripes who actually bother to fact-check.


  1. Personally, I couldn’t care less who someone shags. That is between the person and his or her spouse, as far as I’m concerned. But I also know I am in a *huge* minority of Americans here (maybe not if this were France or Mexico!) So something like this is potentially very damaging. If it pans out, I think he might have to drop out of the race – too “Clintonesque” to win over the moderates. Very unsubstantiated rumour from Dean HQ has it that this is the reason Dean decided not to drop out after Wisconsin. It’s probably all Rove-crafted B.S. – but what a firestorm if it turned out to be true.

  2. I’m no fan of Drudge, btw! But his “schitck” has always been being the irresponsible rumour mill posting stuff before it’s verified. Guilty pleasure, I guess . . .I’d assume most people take anything he posts with a huge tub of salt.

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