early morning

this morning i had a bowl of cereal

it was a big bowl and there were many cornflakes

thank you bowl of cereal

i talked to noah cicero about the bowl and he suggested that i use it again

i set the bowl aside to be washed and engaged in more empty banter with noah

noah is my best friend

noah is my only friend

everyone else should probably have one friend

too many friends spoil the broth

if everyone else has only one friend, then they should also probably have a blog

there they can express themselves

and publicly embarass themselves with tales of trying to get a fun gig

i am a genius

you can be too


  1. Notes from an Underground Hamster

    I am sick. I am a sick hamster.

    my mother she tells me.

    You are sick hamster.

    Full of mucas.

    My new name is Darby “Serious Literature” Groffinchewber.

    Call me that.

    I will answer your emails.

    Tell me your heart.

    On the arid plain.

    Fishing with nets made of unsold POD books.

    For tuna and the jabberwocky.

    We catch nothing.

    chapter 2.

    The jabberwocky sits with me.

    At a table.

    Made of salmen rushdie’s best lines.

    And it eats me.

    I scream, “Ow, no, don’t chew on my hamster head!”

  2. I do like the story. It made me laugh.

    You should write more about me, much more.
    Always remember to link though. That is very important, the link to the “get published or die tryin blog.”

  3. The hamster started a blog that he thought contained clever ideas.

    The ideas were not as clever as the hamster thought they were.

    The hamster died of stupidity.

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