1. Many of your pictures are really cool; they make it look like the event was fun. But then some others–such as this one–with lots of men in suits. Omigod–how horrible. If I’d seen that at the event, I would have bolted to the other end of the Earth. Men in suits totally make my skin crawl; they remind me of the Bush goons now. I also find no sex appeal in so much covered-up skin. I want to see lots of guys today burning their suits liberation-style.

    Were many of the suit-wearing guys there the “gatekeepers” in publishing nowadays? If so, how sick. And it could explain one reason why I’m forever being denied access.

    Now…I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to hear the stories behind the event. Get to some juicy stuff! I’ve been waiting. Like who tried to fondle Spidey, who walked around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe soles, who hit on who, who punched out who, who had too much to drink and then mentioned that Bette Midler’s The Rose was the only song she could play on the piano, but she hadn’t done so in years, which was when a known screenwriter asked her to play the song, and she refused but he kept asking her, and so she did play it, and of course she fucked it up…oh wait. That was me! At a writer’s conference.

  2. What Aaron said. I’m not a big fan of ties or hollow spectacle either (and admittedly there was a good deal of that), but every now and then, I like to dress up, particularly for a swank party.

    Of course, with HarperCollins, the troubling thing was that nobody wanted to introduce each other, much less find out anyone’s names. Surrounded by so many luminaries, some folks were terrified to introduce themselves.

    Case in point: People were damn curious who the guy with the frizzy hair was, but nobody wanted to go up to Halpern and find out.

    Well, I did, although through a rather circuitous route. I would have introduced myself to Halpern directly, but he was constantly enmeshed in a closed circle (as pictured above). And when he was alone, he walked briskly to the other side of the party before I could make his acquaintance. Luckily, I got the scoop seconds later from some very nice people who worked at Ecco.

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