1. That’s my daughter, Ana, official documentarian of Unbridled Books, in the background, taping the launch party for Edward Falco’s novel, WOLF POINT at The Algonquin Hotel. One of the sweet benefits of our coming to NY for BEA was that I was able to spend time with her.

  2. The party was great, Dan. It started out with former congresswoman Pat Schroeder showing up to congratulate me on the publication of Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha. Her appearance out of nowhere took me a few moments to process. Or, well, actually . . . I never really did get it processed. Did I ask her about life as a well-respected political figure who made a brief presidential run? Did I ask her about the controversy shes currently involved with (in her role as president of the Association of American Publishers) over digital rights and library use? Nope. None of that. I said, Hey! Pat Schroeder! Come here and meet my brother! Hes a political junkie! Yikes. So uncool. I think she may have actually kind of run away from me . . . But after that things picked up (and speeded up). My niece Edie was decent and generous, as always, and it was fun for her to be meeting my friends and cohorts for a change. Ive been to several of her openings and parties over the years, where Ive met many of her celebrity friends, and so now I think it was only fair of me to finally introduce her to my literary friends. I always promise not to ask for autographs, and so I made her promise the same thing.

    But I did get her to sign a copy of Wolf Point for you, Dan. Caitlin should be sending it out to you soon.

    I much enjoyed the Lit Blog Slipper Room party on Thursday, too. I feel like there should be some significance to the party being followed by a burlesque show, but Im not sure what it is . . .


  3. Ed, I received the good news from Caitlin earlier and it’s supposedly on the way soon.

    Glad you had a grand time and nice to see Fred getting to see hiw offspring more than usual.



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