Election Night

At this point, Props 73 and 75 are leading by 50.2% (both of them at that figure strangely enough). These are the propositions I’m truly against and I’m really concerned. Here’s what I know about California: We’re a funny place when it comes to propositions and, hell, politics in general. The state that prides itself on sunshine and good health and New Age philosophy is also the world’s fifth largest economy. Because of this strange confluence (or perhaps just to prove ourselves distinct), the state has a sizable red-blooded American streak. We proved this with Props 187 and 209 a few years ago. And I suspect that, as close as the race is, we’ll prove it again and pass these two wretched propostions by a hairline margin. Then again, maybe not. Maybe Arnold’s low approval rating will somehow have an impact. I certainly hope to hell that the state population doesn’t buy Arnold’s argument that taking away what precious rights a young woman has to get an abortion or stripping a health care professional of her rights somehow “empowers” the California population.

But then I could be wrong. In the time I wrote the above passage, Prop 73 has just slipped into the no margin. Whoopee! Prop. 75, on the other hand..

[MORNING UPDATE: All of Arnold’s props lost. Very proud to be a Californian.]

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  1. Prop 73 no doubt brought many conservative voters to the polls.
    That could be working to Arnold’s advantage (in terms of the overall election results).

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