Every Rose Has Its Tome

If, like me, you purchased Use Your Illusion I & II on the day they were released and listened to them as many times as humanly possible (particularly “Get in the Ring,” which, many moons ago, was my favorite track), and if, like me, you are unashamed to confess that you still listen to Guns ‘N’ Roses from time to time (while remaining simultaneously disappointed in Velvet Revolver), then OPTR has dug up the apposite “Where Are They Now?” feature on one Axl Rose. Rose claims that, “People will hear music this year.” But we’ve been hearing that now for ten years. Most interestingly though, Rose is reading Philip K. Dick and watching movies.


  1. It was a Sunday night (1990?) when the DJ on Z-92* decided he was going to play both cd’s uninterrupted (and uncensored) on the air – allowing me enough time to get some tapes thrown in the deck. This was weeks before the release date (and years before napster). I don’t know if the event was planned or if the dj got fired or what – because I had the tapes on loop for quite a while after, but it is one of my favoirite lucky, musical moments.

    * not Otis Twelve]

  2. Yeah, I was there for the midnight release. But, “Get in the Ring”? Really? That song held the mark for “most skipped track” on the two cds for me…

  3. Richard: You have to understand. I grew up in a repressed household. Anyone shouting “bitchy little ass, motherfucker” aggressively was welcome growing up. 🙂

  4. That repression is your only excuse for repeated listenings to that song Edward – the beginning of the end for GnR.

    Must admit that yes, I still listen to WTTJ, often. And that I am apparently nowhere near as disappointed in VR than you are.

  5. I still must admit that I, a 38 year old love GNR to this day. VR isn’t bad either. I say GNR is in the top 5 or 10 of all time for me.

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