Extreme to Reunite!

Billboard: “Boston-based rock outfit Extreme is reuniting for its first studio album in 13 years and world tour in 2008, Billboard has learned. The group, best known for the 1991 No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit ‘More Than Words,’ disbanded in 1996 but reformed briefly in 2004 and 2006.”

Okay, speaking as a metal geek back from the early ’90’s and as someone who still listens to Poronograffiti from time to time, this is fantastic news!


  1. Specific gripes, Beck? “Waiting for the Punchline” was a lame album, Cherone’s lyrics were often naive, and, yes, I fear that we may get another “Van Halen III” out of this. But Extreme was one of the few bands who had the chutzpah to say, “Okay, we want to be the next Queen,” and try it The grand irony is that they were more known for “More than Words,” which was the least of their efforts.

  2. And remind me one day to tell you the story of the day I bought “Van Halen III” and the considerable carnage that was inflicted to the CD only hours after the first listen.

  3. In a bizarre twist of fate, I was banging around my kitchen to the strains of their debut album only this weekend, so I am totally stoked that the guys are getting back together. And I’m not too put off by the fact that Paul Geary hasn’t returned – they’ve taken on the drummer from Dramagods!

    This is great news.

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