Feminists More Fragmented Than the Left

Bad Feminist — a fascinating and eclectic new blog examining this issue, happily added to the blogroll.

Here’s one thought from BF that nobody bothered to proffer: “But why shouldn’t the female representative in the political blogosphere engage earnestly with issues like health care and national security rather than packaging them like a pink puffy confection on acid? Since leaving Wonkette, Cox has joined the rank of post-blogger novelists with her new book, Dog Days, described as ‘a light comedy of Washington power, halfway between Primary Colors and Sex and the City,’ and filled with zingers like ‘their bodies were both campaign-white and campaign-soft. . . . During an election year D.C.’s standards of attractiveness — already graded on a generous curve — tracked to availability. . . .’ Sorry for the bad feminist moment, but I can’t help but feel that Cox was anointed as the token woman for the same reason so many are: she looks pretty sitting on that pundit’s couch.”

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