For the Record

Much as I’m honored to be one among a sharp cookie’s favorites, let me be clear on this: My name is Edward Champion and I’m the guy behind this blog. A simple enough confession, given that the name is bandied about here every now and then, along with my voice, and that I’ve posted on and off to this domain (and its previous incarnations) since 1998 or so. The true fanatics can find a better picture than the one below if they really want to. (And, yes, Teachout and I have been trying to keep our thing under the table.) I’m not anonymous, but I play an anonymous blogger on TV. I was, however, stalked at one point for my writings posted here (and elsewhere) sometime around 2000. And that is no joke. So I reveal biographical tidbits here and there, but nowhere nearly as candidly as I did before. But I try to keep it real. Dig?

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