1. Yeah I didn’t know either until I was walking down Broadway wondering why everyone was eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream–I hadn’t even realized one had opened up on the UWS. But lo, it’s on 106th street/Bway or thereabouts. The kicker? I’d just come from a coffee shop where I had indulged in dessert.

  2. This may be a sad revelation, but I’ve going to try and haul ass to B&J and grab my free cone before another thing going down at 6:30 tonight. I try to avoid B&J, if only because their ice cream is super-good, super-fatty and super-expensive (and I partake only now and then). So any way in which I can “stick it to the man” is welcome. Besides, I like the idea of racing around town for an ice cream cone.

  3. Jamba Juice had a free juice giveaway promotional here. I’ve had Jamba Juice drinks before but the one they were giving away free wasn’t all that great.

    Free is not always good. Remember that, Ed. How many times was that “free” cone dropped on the kitchen floor before it reached your quivering lips, pursed in anticipation of “free”?

    By the way, I found out today if and how fetuses poop. Apparently, not only do they poop but their waste is so devoid of any impurities that it’s simply reabsorbed by the still-gestating infant; the womb is sort of a “still suit” like they had in Dune. Yeah I know, sounds like something everyone should know but it wasn’t fully spelled out for me till today.

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