Fuck Me, It Had to Happen on a Long Weekend

I get sick very rarely, but one thing I do know: the current loss of appetite, aching muscles, headaches, lack of concentration, and weird pain in my alveoli is not normal. Plus, I’m having difficulty putting sentences together and revising dialogue. And I’ll need to rack up some energy for my obligations tonight and this weekend. What this means is probably not much here over the weekend. But for couples, happy Valentine’s Day. And for singles, avoid the propaganda. You’re all sexy too. But you don’t need a partner/date or some Quirkyalone bullshit to affirm this.

In the meantime, check out some of the fine folks on the left, or revel in Lindsayism’s IM conversation or Tom’s description of “the Witch.” Or keep track of the closing days of Will Leitch’s Life as a Loser. (To hell with Dave Sim. Leitch only has seven columns left!)

Sad news from Lusty Lady: Sarah Jacobson has cancer. For those pipsqueaks who weren’t in San Francisco during the mid-90s, Jacobson was a shining beacon in the indie filmmaking community. I saw Mary Jane is Not a Virgin Anymore back in the day, and dug it. All my best to Sarah, hoping she can beat the rap.


  1. Get better Ed. Maybe you should clear your head (and schedule) of things for a day and do nothing but watch Atom Egoyan films in your skivvies while consuming alphabet soup and cranberry juice.

  2. This reminds me. I haven’t told you yet that my pitiful DVD collection has grown ten thousand times more powerful since you last saw it. But I’m still not the proud owner of “Ghost Ship” yet. Soon. Very soon.

    Get better, ass monkey.

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