Fun With Amazon’s SIPs

Spurned on in part by Maud, here are some statistically improbable phrases from certain books:

  • Absalom! Absalom!: “monkey nigger,” “balloon face,” “dont hate,” “right all right all right”
  • American Psycho: “little hardbody,” “wool tuxedo,” “her asshole,” “urinal cake,” “clock reservation,” “drink tickets,” “spread collar,” “dry beer,” “pocket square”
  • Atlas Shrugged: “furnace foreman,” “young brakeman,” “tower director,” “transcontinental traffic,” “superlative value,” “best railroad”
  • Beloved: “men without skin,” “white stairs,” “baby ghost”
  • Blindness: “black eyepatch,” “white sickness,” “milky sea,” “emergency stairs”
  • Brick Lane: “multicultural liaison office, “tattoo lady,” “ignorant types,” “girl from the village”
  • Cloud Atlas: “steely gate,” “our dwellin” (Only four come up, despite the presence of the “Sloosha’s Crossin'” section!)
  • Concrete Island: “overturned taxi,” “route indicators,” “metal crutch,” “feeder road,” “paraffin stove,” “bruised skin”
  • The Corrections: “country ribs”
  • A Death in the Family: “her trumpet”
  • Empire of the Senseless: “red sponge”
  • Gravity’s Rainbow: “pig suit,” “rocket field,” “firing site,” “runcible spoon”
  • The Great Gatsby: “old sport”
  • A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: “fucking wallet,” “green fluid”
  • I Am Charlotte Simmons: “ilial crest,” “very hide,” “sobs sobs sobs sobs,” “compressed his lips,” “library tower,” “depressed girl,” “camper top”
  • Mrs. Dalloway: “solitary traveller”
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude: “porch with the begonias,” “insomnia plague,” “banana company,” “ermine cape,” “eating earth”
  • Oryx and Crake: “fridge magnets”
  • The Recognitions: “tall bellboy,” “small man with beer,” “plexiglass collar,” “distinguished novelist,” “weh weh,” “bull figure,” “hand mounting,” “youthful portrait,” “yetzer hara”
  • Revolutionary Road: “rubber syringe” (Well, who else referred to it so obliquely?)
  • Slaughterhouse-Five: “old war buddy”
  • The Sot-Weed Factor: “bit oft,” “poet exclaimed,” “our barge,” “ocean isle,” “silver seal”
  • This Is Not a Novel: “died mad”
  • Tropic of Cancer: “rich cunt,” “guys upstairs”
  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: “man with the guitar case,” “vinyl hat,” “macaroni gratin,” “telephone woman,” “cooking spaghetti,” “vacant house”

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