Future Posts from Radiohead’s Blog

Radiohead has started a blog. What follows are future entries that will appear on this exciting new experiment:

is anybody in there?

hello? mom? will somebdy hold me?
hving difficultees splling
with all the poundz i threw in the lift
can only afford dialllup
u think they caught on to our scam?
releasing same albumm
again & again
ed’s getting sik of the same old liks
wants me to whine less

will post more late


* * *


wea regoing in tomorrow
record company says produce same
but keep edgy enough to avoid coldplay sound
colin going for more funk
to throw listner core off
make ’em think hail was an aberration

what do you think, phil? does “kid b” work?


* * *

fuckin thom

i’m getting sick of his shit
so we start the blog and guess who’s the one rambling incoherently?
why, thom, of course
i keep telling him that we need to do another “ok computer”
more strange transitions three minutes in
he says more songs
we need a retirement fund
back in oxford, it wasn’t like this
fucker…I’m going to beat the shit out of him if he goes for that falsetto again
why does he have to expose his vocal limitations so blatantly?


* * *


Look, I’m just the other guy who plays guitar. If they want to believe that we’re the next Beatles or the next U2, let them dream their little dream. At least we make thirtysomethings happy, finding the common ground between totally selling out and providing enough of a mellow sound not to frighten the yuppies who are afraid of a little edge.


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