1. I like it that a big black Dominican (Papi Ortiz) has saved the collective Red Sox nation ass two nights running (though if he were sitting in the stands at Fenway, he might not be showered with love.)

    Once again, to quote the great Thomas Waller, “One never know, do one?”

  2. Umm… where did that come from? Are you stuck in the 80s or something? Someone with a legitimate beef from years gone by (I’m sorry, Bill Russell, didn’t realise that was you…)?
    I’m a skinny little white kid, and I don’t think I’d be “showered with love” in the stands at Fenway… do love showers happen at other ballparks or something?

  3. Excuse my subtlety.

    A dark complexion would probably earn you a shower of beer, cups included. See many brothers at Fenway lately, have you, skinny m?

  4. You’re excused.
    Last time I was at Fenway, you know what, I forgot to count. Damn.
    How many folks (fullstop, forget color, to make it easier for you) have you seen getting showered in beer, cups included, at Fenway? If you like, count people tripping while trying to get back to their seat, it’s not quite a shower, maybe more like a footbath or maybe a lap wash, but I still hate it when that happens.
    Come on, man. That’s a little bit like saying “Well, isn’t it ironic, a straight guy like Barry Bonds hitting all those homeruns in front of a bunch of gay guys in San Francisco! Amazing! I feel like breaking into an Alanis Morrisette song!”
    Unless you’ve got a couple of anecdotes (preferably non-made up ones, but those are fine, too) to back it up, of course.

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