Happy 250th Birthday Mozart!

Wendi beat me to the punch. I had intended to write a lengthy post about what Mozart means to me, but, staring at my workload here, such a verbal celebration will have to wait for another day. So for now, I’ll merely say that Mozart’s “Salzburg Symphony #2” was, in fact, the first piece of music I ever laid down for a Super 8 film in film school (figuring then that, while not necessarily sharing Mozart’s talents, I too was a young and giddy bastard eager to produce), that I have always related more to Mozart than to Beethoven (while not discounting the other, the Mozart-Beethoven “If pressed, which one would you choose and why?” question is a fun personality test), and that I am extremely happy after listening to about an hour of Mozart this morning.

So thanks Wolfgang for the groovy and timeless tunes! Thank you for that uncanny visceral quality that has always made me slightly delirious and made my solar plexus extremely tingly. I have always wondered what you would have composed after the age of 35!


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