Harry Potter 7: It’s Not Easy Being Green

For those interested, the new Harry Potter book will be 784 pages. The first print run is set at a mind-boggling 12 million. The paper used will contain “a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer waste fiber.” While this eco-friendly output is good, as Chelsea Green’s Margo Baldwin observed last year, many small publishers have been putting out books with a higher PCW fiber count. And I can’t help but wonder whether any of these 12 million copies will be remaindered. And if they do not sell, will they be pulped? And is this mass pulping really beneficial for the environment?


  1. Well, I personally think there’s a great chance that ALL the copies will be sold, seeing as how it’s an AMAZING book…There won’t be thousands of them sitting around, so the fact that the paper isn’t the single most environmentally friendly paper out there doesn’t bother me… at all.

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