Harry Potter and the Order of the TSA?

The BBC reports that J.K. Rowling was stopped at an airport because she would not part from her manuscript. Airport security wanted to check in her manuscript. Rowling relented and was eventually allowed on board the plane back to the UK with her notes bound with rubber bands.

It’s good to know that the TSA are using their energies to go after the real terrorists: bestselling authors who carry such dangerous items as manuscripts. Let us consider first that the paper is flammable. And it is just possible that an al-Qaeda operative, one who has spent several years in the mountains perfecting his throwing skills, might steal one page of the MS and fold it into a paper airplane. The paper airplane, carefully targeted at a flight attendant’s eyes, would subsequently blind the attendant, creating distress among the plane’s staff, and causing the pilot to unlock the cabin door to investigate this ruckus. The plane would then be successfully overtaken by the operatives.

One can never be too careful in this age of terror. I am grateful that the TSA has left no stone unturned, save for the rubber bands, which might put out a flight attendant’s eye just as adeptly as a paper airplane.


  1. As Brenda Coulter pointed out to us, the words Rowling used to describe the events could simply mean that she was WORRIED about whether she’d be able to take her manuscript with her and found out there wouldn’t be a problem. Rowling does not describe any actual confrontation either with airline staff at check-in or with TSA staff at the security checkpoint.

  2. Is there going to be a follow up after the movie Death Hollows as it to us was con completed as
    we thought it would be – to many empty thoughts and ideas left – they did not show Harry with
    Dumbledorf when they talked about wethier Harry would come back of not – etc-etc:: We really
    would like to know about the book called – order of the phynics = please let us know?? Thanks!!

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