Hello New York

On Friday morning, I signed a lease for an apartment in Brooklyn.

This explains, in part, my two week absence.

I’ll have more to say about all this later, including a lengthy and perhaps needlessly maudlin post about San Francisco. (I apologize in advance for any visceral fulminations. One doesn’t leave a city that one has lived in and loved for thirteen years with anything approaching ease.) But before I do, I’d like to once again greatly thank the guest bloggers who have been kind enough to step in as I continue this remarkably insane cross-country migration, as well as the kind people who have offered recommendations, kudos, plaudits, and all manner of positive juju. These are exciting times. More later.

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  1. Congratulations! And you seem to have done it in only one week, by my calculations.

  2. Welcome to the east, Ed! Congratulations on finding a place and signing a lease so quickly, not usually an easy accomplishment in NYC.

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