Hopefully I Hope Elder Statesmen Will Learn How to Speak English Again

Tim O’Brien: “Watch your modifiers. Do not write this sentence: `Hopefully, the teacher will give me an A.’ The teacher isn’t hoping, you are. Do write: `I hope the teacher gives me an A.’ If you don’t know the proper usage of the word, `hopefully,’ I hopefully recommend you don’t use the word at all. Moreover, if you don’t watch your grammar, I must sternly warn you, you could end up president.” (via Bookninja)

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  1. That is so, so ridiculously incorrect. The adverb used to indicate the speaker’s point of view is perfectly acceptable. Frankly, anyone who says otherwise is full of shit — a statement which any reader/istener easily understands as “Speaking frankly, those who believe such a statement are mistaken.”

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