House Kills Public Television Funding

A House subcommittee has voted to cut all federal funds for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting within two years. That’s $400 million a year, comparative chump change in the federal budget, to destroy a broadcasting conduit that offers educational and alternative programming to the public.

These creeps truly want the public to remain uneducated. Super Bowl, yes. Sesame Street and Frontline, no.


  1. Public Broadcasting wouldn’t die if the feds pull the funding. It would hurt but it wouldn’t kill (the 15% fed dollars sent to CPB are especially important to the local stations as I understand it). I think public broadcasting would actually be better if it was set up with under a foundation/trust fund set up and didn’t have to go through the appropriations process. Anything in the budget is going to get political.

  2. Kevin: You’re an utter fool if you believe that the CPB’s death won’t drastically affect PBS/NPR operations, which are already on shaky ground. They need every dollar they can get and $400 million/year is comparatively little than say blowing $87 billion on an unjustified and unplanned war. Don’t make me open a major can of whoopass on you. My knives cut deep, son. Let’s just agree to disagree.

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