How to Get My Attention

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I didn’t get blasted by this SoulKool agent. But for any publicists who want to tickle my fancy, it’s actually quite easy to do: (a) read my blog and figure out what I’m interested in, (b) direct your emails to me personally, (c) have a sense of humor or a spirit of playfulness, (d) understand that I receive somewhere in the area of 3-20 books a week and that I obviously can’t read them all, (e) don’t expect me to necessarily love your book (I’m not a shill) and (f) realize that there’s pretty much only one guy running this site (and that includes research, production and engineering for each Segundo podcast, which is probably around 15-20 hours per show).

(And here’s a hint: three Segundo interviews came to be because publicists and/or authors factored in each and every one of those six points.)

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  1. You probably didn’t get the blast because enteirng the words “chick lit” and “Ed Champion” in Google didn’t return enough hits. Or you have refused to write about Jessica Cutler. I, on the other hand, who have never received one single review copy of a book as a result of my blog, did get the come-on. You tell me which is better.

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