1. Ours got a 71, but I actually think that’s low because we can walk to pretty much everything except a larger grocery. Perhaps they’re conservative in how far they assume people will walk?

  2. Damn. Moved about four years ago. From a 74 to a 28, turns out. A 28!?! You’d think we lived in the hills of Malibu or something. (Just did a friend’s address, in the hills of Malibu: 0 — I guess unadulterated nature isn’t part of the algorithm.)

  3. 88 for me, which underrates it. The house where I grew up is allegedly in a 65 zone, which is ridiculously high. There’s a shopping mall across the street, which is nice if you like malls, but nothing else of interest within miles.

  4. My current neighborhood here in Louisville got a 68 (which I can’t believe–there are no sidewalks here). My future residence (in Chicago) got a 92. Sweet.

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