I Am an APEman

My bag bulges with comics. I lost track of the number of people I talked with after #15. And I went over my spending limit, um…just a tad. What I can say is this: unlike last year, there will be no written report. But there will be a three-part Bat Segundo podcast: two parts interviews on the floor, including an unexpected interview with Daniel Clowes (whose last name I badly mispronounced) along with many people who you likely don’t know about and who have some interesting ideas about comics. Some of the interviews are thoughtful. Some of them are batshit crazy. (Wait until you hear the interview with the people from Hot Gay Comics.) But all are quite entertaining and should give you a sense of just how much fun Alternative Press Expo is. To all the cartoonists I passed over, I am sorry. I’m just one guy and I can’t talk with everyone.

I also tracked down Top Shelf’s Chris Staros (with help from Alex Robinson, who I’m pleased to report is as nice a guy as they come) and got the inside track on Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie’s upcoming Lost Girls, which I’ll report here later. For now, I have a party to attend and a panel to prepare for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 PM. If you can’t make it, that will be Part 3 of the APE Podcast Trilogy. But rest assured, for those thinking they won’t get something live that they can’t get from a download, we will have a visual component in place. The producer tells me that Mr. Segundo is miffed at having to be employed more frequently than usual.

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