I Do Believe We Have Us Another Potential Watergate

First, DeLay gets indicted. And now Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby, has been outed by Judith Miller. Corruption leading all the way up to Bush and Cheney? Why, say, it ain’t so! Not in America!

(And I should point out that given the dollops that anyone with progressive stripes has had to digest in the past four years, the lives lost, displaced and otherwise disrupted under the hands of the GOP goons, you are hereby granted permission by me to engage in as much schadenfreude as you need without guilt. Why, if this pace keeps up, I might very well renounce my atheism and believe in a higher deity after all!)


  1. I wouldn’t even consider renouncing my atheism until Al Capone were rotting in a jail cell somewhere; exposing and/or convicting a thousand Frank Nittis wouldn’t be enough. But what are the chances either or both these things will happen? I don’t feel very hopeful on that score. Real life seemingly isn’t the movie “The Untouchables.”

    At the same time, that some shit’s been hitting the fan has been making me break into sudden little smiles for days!

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