1. I’ve seen three of those movies and haven’t cried. Though I might cry if I ever had to sit through “Titanic” again. It’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It’s also one reason why I stopped watching the Academy Awards.

  2. Not only have I not cried but most have made me laugh. It is easy to crack on “Titanic”–we all know it isn’t very good–but lots of people think “Gladiator” is great for some reason that I don’t understand. It is about as thoughtful as the card attached to a gift bag. No tears.

  3. I BELIEVE I’ve cried during Saving Private Ryan. Bullocks to the rest. What’s the deal with this? “As a rule, men don’t get the appeal of Brad Pitt.” Um, FIght Club? Ever since, the guy’s been heroic to us men, or at least the ones I know. Was this story written 10 years ago? And Legends of the Fall is a terrible movie. Cripes.

  4. Gladiator? Legends of the Fall? Titanic!? This confirms my femininity as I cannot fathom why any of those movies would make men cry.

  5. I’ve seen 4 of those and not cried. Someone should tell numbnutz that there were movies made before 1989, that might expand his choices.

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