I Lost My __________, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love an Unfortunate Day

Ever had a day (or several weeks) in which your life resembled a country western song? Well, I’m trying to remain positive here. But until this existential deficit stops, blog entries will have to remain sparse.

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  1. Not to trivialize what you’re going through (you know me too well to know I wouldn’t do that), but why DON’T you turn it into a country western song? Turn it into a sonnet of grainte, a poem, a short story. Do ANYTHING but let it stay in you. You don’t have to spell it out for any of us out here, but you’ve got let it out insofar as it gives a modicum of release.

    I’m not Dreyfus in What About Bob, so I can’t give you permission to take a vacation from yourself, but you can put it all out in front of you in some form or another. Looking at a pile of shit you have just or still are dealing with, at any distance outside yourself, can be distance enough to lend better perspective. You know all this.

    Take care man.

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