I Need a Vacation

Okay, I fully confess (the dropoff in stats and Blogllines subscribers doesn’t lie!) that I’ve been biting the big one lately and that my posts these days leave much to be desired. (Hell, I can’t even find time for the Tanenhaus Brownie Watch.) There are reasons for this — namely, other projects and things that I’m working on, which are whittling away my wit faster than you can say summer camp.

So I’ve decided to throw in the towel for about a week or so and come back to this blog when I can offer half-decent posts again. A man’s got to know his limitations. And frankly I’m too tired and exhausted these days to offer anything intelligible about the literary world. But I’ll be back. Do visit the fine folks on the left in the meantime.

[ENTIRELY UNRELATED: In other news, it looks like Pearlstine is casting pearls before swine. Not pretty at all. About as cowardly a move as Elia Kazan, if you ask me.]

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  1. Def. take a rest-up if you need one. We’ll be here when you return. But I don’t like hearing this regret for the quality of R of the R in recent days. Your BEA coverage was outstanding – great, great stuff, and appreciated by this tangerine-flaked reader.

  2. I’ve only been blogging a couple of months, no one gives a damn what I say, and my brain’s already fried by the “pressure.”

    So yeah, take a rest and everything, but I expect you back wittier than ever in a few weeks. Where else will I find my inspiration?

  3. Enjoy the break. I’ve been thinking of taking one myself.

    (That being said, screw the stats. Therein lies madness.)

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